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I know that most legendaries are banned from official tournaments but which ones aren't?

i think most trios that arent the main trios (like the version mascots, eg. groudon, kyogre, and rayquaza) aren't banned. a lot of weaker legendary pokemon aren't banned. so basically just think "do they have outrageous stats that exceed most regular pokemon?" and if yes, then they're likely banned
Could you be a bit more specific about what you're talking about? The list of banned legendaries varies between different formats e.g. Smogon tiers, VGC, Wifi, etc. so it would be good to know which one you're after.

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Think of it this way:
Trio's and duo's aren't
Event exclusive Pokemon and "main legendaries" are.

I assume you're talking about VGC, so the legal legendaries are:








(I think these are legal, but they're never used in VGC)

All other legendaries are banned from VGC / Rated Battle Spot Doubles

I'm assuming Soul Dew isn't allowed?