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I watched a YouTube video (https://m.YouTube.com/watch?v=xHk30TlpPQM) and at the beggin' of the video it shows what Pokemon are in Floccesy Ranch. It shows that you can get a Squritle. Now I love him and to get one would be awesome! But I just can't still figure out how to get it. I found water and land somewhere and found a hidden groto. Now I thought of 3 ways to get him. 1 is to find the bubble and go into it, 2 is maybe to go to the hidden groto, and 3 is to just surf through the water. Tell me what to do!

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You don't get Squirtle at Floccesy Ranch, or anywhere in Black 2 for that matter. The only way to get it in Black 2 is through PokeTransfer or trade, which requires you to have a Squirtle in a different game. Whatever they said in that video is wrong.

If you ever want to know where to find Pokemon in a game, use a site like Bulbapedia. YouTube is not always a reliable source. This shows where you can find Squirtle in every game. Floccesy Ranch is not listed.

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