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I was just surfing around on route 105 and then I found this weird circular island with this rock in the middle, and rocks surrounding it except for an entrance. Is there anything special about that island?


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enter image description here
I think this is the island you're talking about.

On this island is the Island Cave, which can be accessed by completing the puzzle of the Sealed Chamber. You can find Regice in the innermost chamber.

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Thanks, and where do I get registeel and regirock? Or maybe even Regigigas?

and yes, that is the island I meant
Registeel can be found at the Ancient Tomb on Route 120.
Regirock can be found at the Desert Ruins on Route 111.
Both of these places are similarly caves with six rocks surrounding them.

To get Regigigas, you need to go to the Island Cave, the same place you catch Regice. For it to appear, you must have all three legendary golems (Regice, Registeel, Regirock), and have Regice nicknamed while holding a Never-Melt Ice, Icy Rock or Snowball, during daytime.