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Every single fossil Pokemon is rock-type, why?
I understand that they're rock because they are from fossils, but why does this mean all of them have to be rock-type?
are they only rock-type because they are revived fossils? if a pikachu dies and gets fossilized and revived, will it be Electric/Rock?


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Yes, it is all because they are fossils.

I mean, think about it. If you died and became fossilized, even if you were revived, you would still have some of the fossilizedness (lol that's not a word) right?

For Pokémon, their "fossilizedness" is their Rock typing.


Yes it is just because of them being fossilized.

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well, i'd like to see what they used to look like before they became extinct. i highly doubt there will ever be an official thing about that though. also, i think in black/white anime it showed tirouga flashback from before extinction, and the pokemon was the same.
Lol i have no idea
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According to Bulbapedia their rock type status might be a side effect of being fossilized or their origins, otherwise it's unknown why they have dual types except Craniados.
Source: Bulbapedia