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He has decent bulk, wide move pool, and insane attack and speed stats. So why is he not used more? I mean you can flinch alot with Rock Slide, and he has great coverage moves.

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Landorus. Thundurus. Rotom. Et cetera.
Too few (good) moves, too many common weaknesses, eats up a mega slot where a Terrakion could have been. Also mentality. Originally, Aerodactyl had the niche of Sky Drop, but when that trend dropped so did the 'mon's usage. Like many other pokemon, it has potential but not enough to satisfy the general public (or the metagame at times).

People do use Mega Aerodactyl btw :o, from what I've seen it's about as common as a Latios (that's rare xD, but there alright)
Usually people opt for Focus Sash Aerodactyl. It doesn't use the Mega slot, has Unnerve to deactivate Sitrus and Lum, it's still faster than almost everything, and it can pretty much guarantee a Tailwind.

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It's movepool is much to shallow and rock slide isn't that powerful, doesn't take advantage of tough claws, and has a chance to miss, which can destroy glass sweepers lacking a sash, and since aerodactyl is mega-volved it can't hold one, and it has no good flying stabs.

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Sky Drop Aero is actually a thing, basically it's a pseudo Follow Me or Fake Out sincce Aerodactyl's so fast.
Smack Down + Earthquake and Sky Drop acting as a pseudo Rage Powder is pretty good if ask you as me.
Smack Down is kind of pointless… the only relevant thing it and Earthquake check are the Rotoms, who will easily take a Smack Down and KO with Hydro Pump / Thunderbolt before an Earthquake goes off.