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I know exactly where to get him but don't know how. he just wont appear.

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Go to Mt. moon
I said I  knw tht

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In meteor falls the smallest room the one in which you get TM 02 Dragon Claw .
You will need Waterfall to get there.

Check: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMOexN69Ahw

Im sure you Will find him .

Good Luck!!

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You must surf to the top of the room

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Okay, it took me a long time to find a Bagon. You know the Meteor Falls Cave place, right? Well, just use Surf in some places and Waterfall in others, and eventually you will come into a thin, small cave with a thin stretch of water ahead of you. Now go Surf to the end of the cavern, where there is a small little piece of land. Basically, just run around there for a while (you're probably going to run into quite a few Zubats) and eventually you'll run into a Bagon. Stack up on Pokeballs, it will take a while to find one again (lots of more running and pointless Zubats).

Tips for raising Bagon: Now, like most Dragon-types, they take tons of Exp points to level up, and they evolve at high levels. Exp Share is good, just run around in Victory Road for a while battling some Golbats, a couple of Gravelers, maybe some Lairons, and just a pinch of Medichams, you will evolve him into Shelgon. Then it can handle itself (no more Exp Share). Here is a little chart:
Bagon >(level 38)> Shelgon
Shelgon >(level 45)> Salamence

Good luck catching that elusive Bagon!
Hope I helped!

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