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The pokedex sais that Sliggoo evolves during rain.So, if I use Rain Dance in battle,and Sliggoo levels up it will evolve, right ? Does it have to be rain from the overworld weather in order for this to happen ?


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Sliggoo has to evolve during rain in the overworld. This means that it does not evolve when you use Rain Dance / Drizzle during a battle.

I heard that it rains on Route 18 (during afternoon), Route 8, and Route 14. So check those routes if you want to evolve your Sliggoo.

Source: Bulbapedia Link, Forum

thank you both so much
Oh yeah, I just want to add that you should also check the costal cities and always keep on checking Route 14 (it rains alot of times there).
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It needs to be overworld rain; using Rain Dance or Drizzle does not work to evolve Sliggoo.

Source: Experience, and I think other questions like this have been asked.

awww come on !! Could you tell me a place in Kalos with overworld rain ? I would me much oblidged
check my answer :P
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