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So I was wondering if anyone of you have had the problem that you cant find rainy routes after the 7th gym? I have had it many times before and I know that many people have this problem when trying to evolve sliggoo but I havent been able to find rain for 4 straight days now and not even setting my clock to monday 12:00 has worked for me (internet trick that seem to work for almost everyone).

If you´ve hade this problem do you know if I have to beat team flare in their HQ first or am I just really unlucky?

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ok, you have done everything right, but make sure you are on a route where it can rain. these places are Route 8, Route 10, Route 14, Route 15 , Route 16, Route 19 and Route 21. make 100% sure you have set your date to monday before 13:00

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