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I can't find a zangoose by itself, is it only in the hordes ?


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Yes, 1 Zangoose only appears with 4 Seviper in Pokemon Y.

Source (Even though it says x4 Seviper and x1 Zangoose, you can still find hordes of 5 Seviper, but not 5 Zangoose)

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Only in Y? YES!!! I have Y! YAAAAAY!!!!!!
the bad part is that the Seviper will kill it before you can catch it. I know because I tried different techniques for several hours to catch one. Eventually I gave up and got one off the GTS instead.
In X, I've seen hordes of 4 Zangoose and 1 Seviper. They kill it immediately... ;(
They go against each other, and it's hilarious!

Solution: Get a Noctowl with Synchronize.
Then I will kill ze Seviper with ma CHARIZARD!!!!!!! And catch le Zangoose...