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I have figurred that making a whole team based on weather is not that good when one Altaria comes with cloud nine comes and says "Hey,I don't allow weather to come in my way"(Most of my friends with whom I usually battle have an Altaria) or the weather goes off and my team almost starts suffering.I really don't like totally weather based teams.
So I built a part sun team which has half part which doesn't need the sun but the other surely needs it. So the Azumaril is in the first part.It is actually buffered s its a water type because of the sun. But I want to keep it to check other Fire types from sweeping in the sun.
Azumaril set
Item:Sitrus Berry
Aqua Jet
Play rough
Brick Break
Belly Drum

Rest of my team :-
No sun part
Sun part
Mega Charizard Y

So should I keep it?If not whom should I keep?

I say you should have a Azumarill on your team. (keep it)
Due to how Water type moves are weakened in the sun, and how some teams can counter an azumaril, I would recommend a rock type pokemon instead as ground can't hit a flying target and the sun won't nerf it's damage.

The entire point of azumaril is to avoid having a fire type sweep the team so Diance should do a better job as it's Diamond Storm destroys flames and non fire-type pokemon still "won't do as much" damage to it; and the sun can weaken Diance's weakness to water too!

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Your Azumarill is nice, but there are a few things that should be improved. First of all, your EVs should be changed to: 92 HP / 252 Atk / 164 Spd. The almost max HP investment on your Azumarill is currently unnecessary, as Belly Drum will still take the same percent of HP away and Sitrus Berry will still heal the same amount. Azumarill prefers the extra speed to outspeed unboosted max base 70 speed Pokemon. The 10 SpD is completely pointless, it doesn't give enough of an increase in your SpD to be worth it, so instead we throw around three quarters of our previous HP EVs and your SpD EVs into speed. Your moveset is good, but I would replace Brick Break with Knock Off. Fighting gets nearly redundant coverage with water and fairy, the only thing you would use it for is to hit Steel and water hits that neutrally anyways. Knock Off is a better option, as it allows Azumarill to cripple Pokemon it can't OHKO by removing their items. At +6 Attack, Knock Off can do serious damage, OHKOing physical walls like Ferrothorn after Stealth Rock.


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