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My rain OU team


Help electivire or Jolteon or is there better choices for Taking electric attacks?

May I suggest Garchomp instead of Salamance?
i battled that team.....
i have a salamance on my monotype flying team
FS My Salamence works pefect :D
I know, just wanted to make a suggestion.

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If we must choose out of the two I would defiantly go for Jolteon due to its unbeatable speed and Volt Switching ability.

Though I suggest neither, instead why not choose Thundurus-T. Your team is weak to Mamoswine either way and the SR damage is easily recovered by switching in on the common electric attack. Your team would benefit from another Pokemon with Levitate as Ground types screw you over badly.

enter image description here @ Life Orb
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 4Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
-Focus Blast
-HP Ice

Since this beasts release it has been used over Jolteon for playing a very similare role but hitting 100x harder

But yeah if not Thundurus-t then just go Jolteon and Electrivire has no niche in Ou.

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Jolteon. Your team lacks special attackers. It needs moar. Jolteon is a great choice with Signal Beam, Thunder, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Power Water. Or, if you have no access to that ingame, go Hyper Beam, I suppose.

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I say jolteon its faster which you don't have to worry about if you want to soak up electric attacks but most of all its got more special attack wich is what you are going to want in the rain for thunder so here are some good movesets for both of them.

Jolteon @ life orb or choice specs
Ability: volt absorb
Evs: 252 spd 252 satk 4 hp
Nature: modest or timid
Volt switch or thunder wave
Hyper voice or signal beam
Hidden power ice

Only do t wave if you have life orb

Electivire @ life orb or choice scarf or band
Ability: motor drive
Evs: 252 spd 252 atk 4 hp
Nature: jolly or modest
Ice punch
Dual chop
Brick brake or cross chop

Another good one is thundourous therian
Thundourous therian @ life orb
Ability: Volt absorb
Evs: 252 spd 252 satk 4 def
Nature: timid or modest
Nasty plot
Volt switch or sludge wave

Hope this helps

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Hyper Voice?
Only if you hate the coverage on bug moves or something like that just want some options
i use hyper voice
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Use Jolteon! It's speed is amazing, and its special attack is awesome!
enter image description here

Jolteon @ Leftovers
Ability: Volt Absorb (takes HP in from electric type moves)
Trait: Modest (+ Sp. attack - Attack)
Nicknames: Zeus, Thor
Thunder/ Discharge (both are STAB, although, if you do not want to take risks by missing with Thunder, by all means use Discharge as it has a higher hit rate and it is a powerful move)
ThunderBolt (STAB, amazing power)
ThunderWave (Paralyzes foes)
VoltSwitch (STAB, switches out to awaiting Pokémon (on your side))

That is which Pokémon I suggest you use (instead of Elecrtivire), now I will help you on your OU team:

Instead of Salamence, I suggest you use Garchomp, as it is faster and its attack power is amazing!

enter image description here
Garchomp @ Dragon Fang
Ability: Sand Veil (Increases evasion (makes it harder to hit your Garchomp))
Trait: Adamant (+ Attack - Sp.Attack)
Nicknames: Slash, Boss
Swords Dance (increases attack power by two)
DragonClaw (STAB)
DragonRush (STAB, however, it may miss)
Earthquake (STAB)
Toxic (If you are stuck, use this to make it easier to take out foes)

Toxicroak can be weak due to the low defence stat. If you want to keep him as a physical sweeper, do so, if not, I suggest Conkeldurr:

enter image description here
Conkeldurr @ Black Belt
Ability: Guts (increases attack power by 50% if it has a status condition of: poison, burn, paralysis, freeze or sleep)
Trait: Adamant (+ Attack - Sp.Attack)
Nicknames: IronFist, BAM!!!
DrainPunch (STAB, regains HP)
StoneEdge (Covers flying types)
Mach Punch (STAB)
BulkUp (increases attack and defence by one)

Hope I helped!

having discharge and thunderbolt is a waste of a moveslot, and there is absolutely no coverage.