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Electivire or Jolteon?
Arcanine or Infernape?

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Which game are you playing?
probably gen 4
No Generation 4 game has Salamence or Metagross on its local Pokedex.
playing in gen 6
Wich roles the other pokemons are playing in your team? You want thoose pokemons to do the same thing, or a particular thing each?
@PokeRekt Which Generation 6 game?
@Olli They should all be all-out attackers. Having the Pokemon do anything else slows down the game.

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Electivire is a good choice. If you compare Electivire and Jolteon, Electivire wins with the greater stats and more moveset than Jolteon. But Electivire is harder to get, but it's worth it if you trade Electabuzz with Electirizer with your friend or if you have another 3ds console.

it has trash defense though, and a lot of other electric types outspeed it
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Jolteon is way better in-game with a higher speed and special attack then Electrivire. Not only that, but your team is almost all physical attacking Pokemon, so Jolteon is definitly the better choice.

Infernape is far superior to Arcanine in the fact that Arcanine is sort of like a mixed utility, or like a jack of all trades, but Infernape is much better in game for its fast, sweeping atributes. With incredible speed, an acceptable moveset, and good attack AND special attack, Infernape is by far the better choice.

Relevant Topics Concering your Team: Electrivire can have Motor Drive, which brings the whole Jolteon vs. Electrivire debate into question again, because your Gyarados is 4x weak to electric. However, I still stand by my choice because Metagross resists electricity already, Snorlax is a great special tank, (which is useful because most electric moves are special), because Electivire is much harder to obtain, and the reasons I stated in the first paragragh. Also, Arcanine's two main abilities are way better than Infernape's Blaze, but Infernape still outclasses Arcanine by far. (In game, at least.) That's it for now, and have fun grinding for a few million years.

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Definitely go a scarf jolteon don't worry about stats you need a special attacker and with money moves like thunderbolt and volt switch with ground hidden power to match your best choice is jolteon

and for your other question I'm a bit more informed had to make this choice my self my answer is Infernape with the Iron Fist ability is a great physical fire type sweeper, and I think it's a better one than Arcanine. Infernape has an attack stat of 104, and Arcanine has a higher attack stat of 110, but Infernape's speed of 108 beats Arcanine's of 95.

Iron Fist
@Life Orb
Jolly - 252 atk / 252 spd / 4 HP
-Fire Punch
-Thunder Punch
-Mach Punch
-Swords Dance

Iron Fist is essential to boost those punching moves. Go with Swords Dance to increase attack for even more damage.

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The question was tagged "in-game-team". What do hidden power and U-turn have to do with anything?
Thank you for the correction but I would go hidden power anyways that is unless jolteon some how learns earthquake or another viable ground type move. And I have deleted the u-turn part
Here's the thing about in-game teams. You don't only need to win your battles; you also need to win them quickly. Beating the game without worrying about hidden power and having teammates cover any weaknesses is probably faster than getting the perfect hidden power.
There's no time limit on it and unless pokerekt says he wants to complete the game in 60 hours or less this is the best option.
If he has 60 hours, then any option would work. If this was Platinum (which it might be), then even an Unown can beat the game in 60 hours.
My point exactly so this is my moveset unless pokerekt needs a quick option where I would have given a suggestion in my answer.