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If you don't know subpunch is having a Pokemon learn both Substitute and Focus Punch.Then use the Substitute to block attacks so you can use Focus Punch freely. I've been using Electivire latley as a subpuncher but I was wondering who's the best subpuncher?

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Mega Mawile, no questions asked

It's bulky enough to use both Swords Dance and Substitute.
It has great attack already, plus it has Huge Power
It's Uber
Look at this Calc

>+2 252+ Atk Huge Power Mega Mawile Focus Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Shuckle: 238-280 (97.5 - 114.7%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO

Shuckle can be destroyed by this.


Mawile @Mawilite
Trait: Intimidate --> Huge Power
Adamant nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Atk, 4 SpD
- Substitute
- Swords Dance
- Focus Punch
- Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is to hit Ghost types immune to Focus Punch

Hope I helped!

Mawile's stats are just so low. Even in mega it doesn't break 500.  It's cool looking and I know it's popular in some competitive play but I have a hard time choosing Mawile when overall stats are so much higher for pretty much any other mega.  Compare to Agron for example. It's non-mega stats blow away mawile's mega form. And it has the same high powered attack/defense. Of course instead of the resiliant fairy type it has the rather pathetic (5 weaknesses) rock type.
You do realize that Mega-Mawile has Huge Power... it doubles its attack, which is alot when you invest maximum EVs in Attack. Mawile also has a decent defenses at 50 / 125 / 95.

There is also a reason why M-Mawile is in Ubers, while M-Aggron is in UU. I'm not even sure if comparing M-Mawile with M-Aggron is relavant in this case because both serve different roles. Mawile also gets tons of resistances with only 2 weaknesses, while Aggron also has a lot of resistances but also has 3 weaknesses (which all are common attacking-types).

M-Mawile's offense stats greatly surpass than those of M-Aggron and it has a slightly better offense movepool. M-Aggron can't even compare in offenses.

In this case, M-Mawile is clearly the better choice since SubPuncher sets require a good offense stats.
actually I've been using chesnaught latley and he's an amzing subpuncher but the only problem is that he's got to many weaknesses but I've been baton passing with drifblim latley and it's an amzing combo it's a shame it's banned in tournements.
i use this chesnaught moveset
-belly drum
-focus punch
-seed bomb
Ah. So Huge Power is what makes it good. Thanks for curing my ignorance. I haven't spent much time looking into ability yet.
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173 Pokemon can learn that move combo. I estimate 73 of them in fully evolved form. http://pokemondb.net/tools/moveset-search. This could get interesting.

It might be interesting to use a Reichu for this. It could double as a sweeper and has the very resilient Electric type. Add Volt Switch and Thunderbolt and you got a sweeper/subpuncher that can pass if a ground type (it's only weakness) enters.

I thought of raichu but I find electivire better.Also I got flagged because I didn't ask the question proppaly!?
This forum is designed to be question answer format. When questions are primarily opinion based they encourage arguments instead of facts. These questions are against the rules and will be flagged.

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Instead phrase the question more openly like what are some good examples of? that way no answer is claiming to have the best but just another good option. minimizing arguments.

"Who is the best pokemon?" is an absurd question. It strictly a matter of opinion. What is a good pokemon? can have dozens of correct answers without encouraging arguments and will have much more valuable results. This is not the best example because in both cases the question is too broad. When it gets more specific like this question it just need to have the adjetive tweaked. What is a good subpuncher? insetad of "What is the best" since their are several that will be in the top running.
fair enough I'll be more careful next time