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I mean, seriously. Its almost unusable. -3 priority almost guarantees it to go last, and to flinch. The only probable reason for using (as far as I can think) it is if you are expecting set up. Apart from that there's nothing, am I right?

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What rules you're playing with, and is this for competitive or in-game?
E: this also exists: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/295581/is-focus-punch-worth-to-use

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Back in ADV competitive, Focus Punch was actually an incredible move that a lot of Pokemon used. Breloom could combo Spore + FP for serious hurt, it was a good way of taking out Slaking due to Truant, it mauled Blissey and Tyranitar, and it was a way to discourage switches. Substitute + FP was pretty common, as it guaranteed you'd be able to pull off a Focus Punch if your sub stayed intact.

Focus Punch isn't really seen anymore due to faster metas preventing it from working as well. Gen 3 was pretty much the only significant era of Focus Punch usage. In-game, Focus Punch is a pretty bad move to use because most Pokemon that get it also get Close Combat, Superpower, or Brick Break, all of which are better choices than a move that goes last and only has a chance of working.