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I've been in some guy's Friend Safari with my Pokemon with the Ability Trace and I could only find Electabuzz with the Ability Static. I've been looking for like half an hour and now I'm wondering if it's possible, but if it is possible what are the chances?

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The guy's Safari must have all three Pokemon unlocked

That person who owns the Safari you want to catch Electrabuzz in has to defeat the E4 and thus unlock the third and last Pokemon. Until then the other two Pokemon will all have their normal abilities. You also need to be online with the friend at least once.

The chance of finding a HA Pokemon is around 33% - 75 %. But these are from forums and reliable sites like Bulbapedia have not yet confirmed this.

Other Methods

During 2014 there was a HA Electrabuzz Event. If you got your hands on these and bred them with a HA Ditto. (The Event Pokemon were male) You would have a 20 % Chance of getting a HA Elekid.

Reddit, Nugget Bridge Marriland, PS all have a place where you can hunt for HA Elekid families.

PkHeX and Powersaves that help you out although there is a chance it can break your game.