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This may be a silly question, but since there's so many people who seem to be thinking the same thing, I wonder if it's because of some ingame or competitive purpose.


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In my opinion, the two reasons most people have are because it is:


Flygon is a Pokémon thats liked by many people for its design. Its also (usually) especially by fans of Hoenn. Since a lot of players have Flygon as one of their favourite Pokémon, they would want it to get a Mega Evolution.

Outclassed/In Need Of A Boost

Often outclassed by other dragons (especially Garchomp), many people who like Flygon are wishing for it to get a boost. A Mega Evolution is a great way for it to get this boost, since it has potential to be really good in competitive.

These are the main reasons why many people want Pokémon like Flygon and Milotic to get a Mega Evolution. Many people think it "deserves" a mega, because fans like it, it has potential or both. Although less common, I've also seen people who really want Pokémon like Flygon and Haxorus to get the Dragon/Bug typing.

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Also because Flygon is a Gen III Pokemon and some people thought there was going to be a mega for it (as well as Milotic) prior to the release of ORAS, building hype.
In that case, I think that Butterfree needs a Mega form more than any other Pokemon. It only has a base stat total of 395, it has 3 evolution stages so it can't get another evolution, and its counterpart, Beedrill, has a Mega form.
Yea but Flygon was OU when it was first introduced, whereas Butterfree was crap from the beginning. A mega Dragon/ Bug Flygon with something like Compound Eyes (Dragon Rush & Iron Tail would be 97.5% accurate, Stone Edge at 100%) would be pretty good. Make it fast enough to out speed some fairies and it'll be back in OU.

Also I've been lurking. Been approving stuff but... didn't really feel I had anything to say.
So it's the same reason why I want Mega Kecleon?
(read my profile if you don't now what I'm talking about)