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In a double battle where Pachirisu is faster than pikachu:

Turn 1 - Pikachu uses Charge, Pachirisu uses Follow me
Turn 2- Pikachu uses Last Resort, Pachirisu uses Ion Deluge

Does this make Last Resort a move with 280 Power and electric typing so Pikachu gets STAB?


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Test 1
Test 2

*Plusle and Magnezone have the same stats in both replays.

Since with Ion Deluge Last Resort will be an Electric move, it's logical to think that Charge will double its power, but I went along and tested it just to make sure.
In the first replay Charge is used, and in the second it isn't. In test 2 Last Resort does significantly less damage, so we can deduce that Charge does affect Ion Deluged moves.
If you want to know exactly how powerful it is, then factoring in STAB and Charge, then the base power will be 420.

Thank you! I just realized that Pikachu can't learn Last resort by regular methods, so I guess I'll use another move than that. Thank you for giving me the test videos.