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My attempt for making a sandstorm party

Tyranitar - Choice Band
-Stone Edge

Excadrill - Life orb
-Swords Dance
-Rock slide/Stone Edge

Shuckle - Leftovers
-Power split
-Knock off

Gliscor - Life orb
-Stealth rock

Roserade- leftovers
-Toxic spikes
-Sludge bomb
-Energy ball
-Weather ball

Reuniclus Life orb
-Calm mind
-Focus blast


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If you get a well EV'd Shuckle in that team, When there's a Sandstorm raging you have the highest Defence/Special Defence pokemon in the whole game. give it stealth rock and toxic, and it'll become a wall that you can block with for a good long while.

A Hippowdon's ability sets up a nice constant Sandstorm too :)

Can't believe I forgot to mention the move Sandstorm.  That would give you a really big advantage.
Who should I replace?
Thanks anyway
Tentacruel and reunculus. it limits your type spread, but means everything benefits from sandstorm. just my opinion, though.
Thanks. I think I'll replace Ferrothorn
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I suggest teaching your Pokemon different move selections against the types that are strong against ground (grass, water, etc.). I think you should go with Terrakion over Ferrothorn because of his really high attack, and Golurk over Gliscor. Golurk would be one of those to teach a selection of moves to (ex. fly).

Hope this helps!! :)

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I have found that weather ball roserade is an amazing asset on sand teams. It is on my one energy ball, weather ball, shadow ball, toxic spikes(you could use sludge bomb instead)

I think it can learn sludge wave if so use that instead of bomb
Ok thanks I think I'll take out tentacruel