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If it causes you to get stuck in an area, can't you just open your bag and reteach that HM move?

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Because it could cause you to get stuck. I know you could, but what if you had gotten on a waterfall or behind a rock or something and you had gotten the Waterfall or Strength Pokemon in a trade? What then?

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that answer was quick.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure HM moves don't work in the field until you get the badge that lets you use the HM move
i mean like in black 2 N gives u waterfall but i had a basculin  that knew it already froma trade
But did you use waterfall before N gave you waterfall
They should just make HMs more worthwile imo. Most of them are weak, too many of the same type forcing you to stack them on one pokémon (I'm looking at you, water-types!) or outright pointless. Cut serves no purpose in battles once you get Strength.

And Game Freak should be capable of limiting trades of pokemon that know HM moves. It's an inconvenience, sure, but not as inconvenient as having to get a Heart Scale to relearn a move because you couldn't delete an HM.

If anything needs to be improved in these games, it's the HM moves.
A better way is to have the storyline force you to get a gym's HM before entering the gym.