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Item: Venusaurite
Nature: Quiet

Leech Seed
Energy Ball

I just want to know if it's good, okay, or bad, especially since there's really no type coverage. Also what changes could I make if I decided to make it competitive? I'm going to rechallenge the E4 once I get to levels 75-79 so it's not too easy for me (way too easy if your team is at 100 and not as fun).
If it helps, I also have a Spiritomb, Garchomp, Sharpedo, Talonflame, and Toxicroak each with their own strategies.

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thats a pretty stally set I like how you make use of venoshock and toxic. if you could maybe add synthesis and make it superstally :D but just saying a ferrathorn could destory this but then you have talonflame and garchomp

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