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This is for in-game, so if you dont want to answer, be my guest. In-game means: NO egg moves, NO transfer moves, and NO healing moves. This is my moveset so far:

-Energy Ball
-Sludge Bomb

Thanks in advance!

If it has Chlorophyll you can give it Sunny Day
Since it's in-game, I'm doubting it has HA, unless it was traded to him.

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Earthquake is an obvious choice, being high powered, but not covering flying could be a problem. I think Protect would be a good choice as once you use toxic, you can stall to slowly wear away at the opponent. If you want an interesting grass move, you could pick Solar beam, but only if you have a set up like Sunny Day or a Pokemon with Drough as wasting a turn charging could be risky. Lastly, we have Venoshock. With toxic activated, it deals double damage (+receive s STAB).

Earthquake (Not recomended)
Protect (poison stall)
Solarbeam (only if you have set up)
Venoshock (double power from Toxic)

Hope I helped.

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good suggestion +1
Why solar bean and venoshock if the other three moves already are sludge bomb and energy ball?
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Why not healing moves...? Honestly speaking, Venusaur does a good job doing what it should with just two attacking moves. Here are some options anyway:

  • Earthquake: Ground coverage is always welcome, it also helps Venusaur take on Fire types and opposing Poison types more easily.
  • Synthesis: I know you don't want healing moves, but one should consider Synthesis anyway. In those times that you want to heal yourself/while away time for you Timer Ball to be more effective against a legendary Pokemon, and don't want to waste items for that sake, Synthesis is very helpful.
  • Sweet Scent: It has no battle uses, but it invaluable for attracting hordes for easier training.
  • Hidden Power Ice: If you were lucky enough to get it, HP Ice aids you by covering Dragon, Flying and opposing Grass types.

You can choose any of the following from above, as long as it suits the needs of your team. If you don't have an HM slave (or don't want one) Rock Smash, Strength and Cut are also usable alternatives.

Hope I helped!

And what if I say: My Venusaur is Bold, I REALLY dont want healing moves ( Because I think they wont have much use at all), I'd like a move that has effect in battle, and  my Venusaurs hidden power is grass? Any other moves? Does venusar get any physical poison mopes?
Then I'll be straight: you're out of luck. If it's Bold you don't want a physical poison type move (not that it can learn any). Also. the only other remotely useful battle moves might be Sleep Powder (counter-acts your Toxic strategy, but otherwise good choice) and Nature Power (gimmicky).

PS: Petal Storm is also a good choice and all, but does better replacing Energy Ball as the superior attack.
Petal Storm? I think you mean Petal Blizzard?
Whoops yeah xD
honestly, a healing move on venusaur is nice since you are using toxic