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I am Ev training my Joltik's Sp Atk and the most common Pokemon with Sp Atk EV yield are found in Celestial Tower which is Litwick a fire type and my Joltik will easily die to a fire attack.
My Joltik is at Lvl 30.Wild Litwicks at Lvl 27-31.
Its an in-game Joltik.Its EVs are going to be 252 Sp atk/200 Speed/56HP(little bulk is needed)
Only completed Speed
How to EV train?


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Stick to Elgyems.

Elgyems give out 1 EV in Special Attack as well, and are hit super effectively by your Bug type moves. And, they are found at the same place and level, so it won't be a problem battling them.

If already aren't holding a Power item to increase the EV's gained, you can give your Joltik a Smoke Ball (Found in Castelia City, I think) to hold, so that it can escape from all the Litwiks without fail.

At that level (or any other), I am not too sure there are good Special Attack EV Training spots.

That said, I just wanted to also add: If it is for ingame purposes only, then EV training doesn't change things by that much. You can still do it if you want that tiny extra punch, though.

Actually INGAME means ingame Battle Subway
As For Elgyems their encounter chance is just 10% and i knew about that.
Ah, well then. EV Training is important.

On some levels of the Celestial Tower though, I think their rate is higher. You could try that. Honestly there aren't so many places for Special Attack :\