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Pokemon emerald. In-game only. Currently about to fight the psychic gym, and I'm just not sure which 6 Pokemon I should keep with till the end of the game, or if there are any Pokemon I should get. The Pokemon I have now are:

-Aron (to be evolved)
-Phanpy (to be evolved)

Any Pokemon I should just never use again? Any I should keep trained up but only use situationally? Which 6 would be best in general? Thanks!

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Im not the best at making teams, so when you have it, test it a little bit add or take a Pokemon, change moves, etc.

Here's what I would do:

Absol/Gardevoir(depends which one you are better with)





Skarmory/A normal/flying type/Aron(sorry, can't help you with this one, they are all good!)

Once again, do what you want! That is only a one team. There are so many! One thing you could do is get a salamence in the last position.

Those are all very good Pokemon.
Tip: Try to keep all your Pokemon the same level. Send one out first until it is a level in the increments of 5, or 2, or something, then switch the first Pokemon with a lower level one. Eventually, they should all be level ___ and then you can do a new round.

When I try to build teams, I try to at least get a fire type, grass type, water type, and a flying/something type.

Hope I helped!

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The Pokemon you should keep are Absol, Manectric, Skarmory, Sceptile, Starmie, and Gardevoir. Trust me. You'll need them. Plus give Starmie Ice Beam.

Hope I helped!