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I havent done anything to my level 70 rayquaza yet and I dont know the best nature for them but:
Nature: hardy
Sp atk: 236
Sp def: 142
Spd: 149
Is this only good for in game? Or is he worth training? If not what should he be? (Ev/ivs and nature)
Yes. Still noob. Please help. Thanks. Araikai

Nature could definitely be better, maybe adamant or jolly
It has excellent offensive iv's and ok spd and defense iv's, but Hardy isn't a very good nature cause it doesn't boost or lower any stats any stats
So i should just keep it as an in game pokemon? Thanks
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Yay, in my opinion

That Rayquaza is pretty good for in-game. It's got maxed out HP, Attack and Special Attack IVs (I ran some calculations, assuming that after the Delta Episode you didn't use your Rayquaza), and although Hardy nature isn't the best it's certainly better than a defective nature.

Here are it's IVs the way I calculated:

HP : 31
Atk: 31
Def: 3 or 4
SpA: 31
SpD: 15 or 16
Spe: 16 or 17

That said, it does have very low Defense IVs (about 3-4 IVs) and a bit subpar Speed IVs (16-17 IVs). Don't let that deter you though, you've gotten pretty lucky to get full Attack and Special Attack IVs. He's worth training in my opinion, EV him to be a Mixed Attacker. But the Speed IVs are a bit low, so you would have to play around that.

Preferable Nature: Naive
Preferable IVs   : 31 IVs in Speed
Preferable EVs   : Currently it has the EVs gained from usage in Delta Episode, so you may want to clear that for something like this: 252 Atk / 40 SpA / 216 Spe

Hope I helped!

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Thank you so much! Ive never know whether any of my pokemon are good, at least to me they are. Aha. Youve help alot thankies :3
Anytime :o