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well I ask what is thebest method for breeding Pokemon gen 4, specifically soulsilver version.
my method so far is to give a Pokemon with perfect ivs in one stat a ev item and breed it with another Pokemon with perfect ivs in one or two stats.
this method only works with three stats perfect so I'm wondering if there is a better way to breed in gen 4.
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You can get 6 stats perfect in a very similar way. Yes, the long way. Have two parents that together cover all the perfect IVs, and each should hold an EV training item. This leaves 4 stats which will be randomly selected 2 and 2 from the parents. Make sure that the parents 2 and 2 perfects do not overlap unless all stats are securely covered. This is very difficult to accomplish for one Pokemon let alone an entire team.

Bidoof (31/31/31/0/0/0) 100% HP inherit.
Bidoof (0/0/0/31/31/31) 100% Speed inherit.
The parents above can produce a perfect Bidoof, but the chances are minimal. The more extra 31s available in the parents, the greater the perfect Bidoof chance.

You are already using the best method for producing individual perfect IVs.

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well... can't only one ev enhancing item work at one time, i read on bulbapedia...
That is true, but my answer is still correct.  I should have been more clear.  The EV training items are best used on the stats that only one parent can contribute because then other shared perfect stats have a greater inherit rate.  In my example, since each parent had different perfect stats, the use of EV training items can be shared or not shared with the same probability of getting a perfect Bidoof.  If you had a different IV spread with overlapping perfect IVs, then you may choose to use only one EV training item.