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It's really hard getting perfect IVs especially since you can't use the Destiny Knot to transfer IVs.
So what's the best method to get IVs?

do you really need perfect ivs for Gen 4?
also why not just do it on Gen 6 where its like way easier?
Cuz Gen 4 is fabulous

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There's no way of getting 4 perfect IVs except luck before Gen 6. You can use the power items to pass down one perfect IV, but getting a perfect IV to start with is really hard in any Gen previous to 6. IVs also don't stack like they do in Gen 6.

It's not like you can battle over wifi with non-3DS games anymore, so getting perfect IVs in previous gens is rather pointless.

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sad... OH WELL
What if you have a perfect IV ditto...hypothetically speaking. Becuase, Direct quote from smogon:

"This means that, while it may appear that the baby will inherit between 1 and 6 IVs from the parents, in actuality both parents will always pass a total of 3 IVs."

- in EDP -

I assume EDP is emerald, diamond, and pearl.