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I don't get it, so if I have to lvl up my Pokemon and then breed it and hope that the off spring will have high IVs (with the destiny knot) or do I have to raise my EVs like let's say that I use my super training or the braces to raise let's say attack and the off spring will get more attack IV? Then I get the off spring better than the parent and then raise my new born's EV or attack and then breed it again and get better than Pokemon #2? Additional question if a Pokemon have low attack example is gliscor and I saw on PokemonDB or other website it shows that Gliscor have bad attack should I raise it's attack or am I forced to raise what it's already have high already like it's defence? I hope you get what I mean :D


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EVs have nothing to do with IVs. They are entirely separate. You are referring to Gliscor's base stats, which are stats that are strong in a peticular species. This also does not relate to IVs or EVs (so you can raise its attack or defense or whatever you want).

Here are some IV pages on the DB. If you're still confused after reading them, then ask a question about the specific part you don't understand....

What are IVs?

How do I breed for IVs?
Search "How Do I Breed for IVs" in the DB search bar. You'll get a long list of answers to read, and you will be able to find at least that you will understand. I also recommend watching a video on it. A regular search engine search should suffice.