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Commands means knowing what that item does,what that move does,what that fake/showdown moves does and so on.

I know the /dt and /weak commands

also the /learn command
This belongs on smogon, js
/learn [insert pokemon here], [insert move here]
/leave tour
/data [insert pokemon or item here]
/dexsearch (all), [insert move or ability here]
/ladder (your rank)
/ladder [username] (another person's rank)
/modjoin [makes a room hidden and prevents people of below voice from speaking]

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General Commands:

  • /nick [username]: Changes your username to the words you place in the username argument. Will prompt the logging in box if username is registered.
  • /avatar [number]: Changes your avatar to one of the default ones on Showdown.
  • /rating, /rank, /ranking, /ladder, /rating, [username]: Check your ranking on the ladder(s) of the server you are in. If username is typed in, then checks the ranking of the user.
  • /forfeit: Forfeits the match you are in.
  • /whois, /whois [username]: Gets inofrmation about yourself. If username argument is used, gets info from another user. For % and up, you can see alts, and @ and up can see IP addresses.
  • /msg [username], [message] OR /w [username], [message]: Private messages the username with the message.
  • /reply [username]: Sends a message to the last person you talked to / who talked to you.
  • /ignore [username]: Ignores a user, blocking all messages and PMs.
  • /away: Ignores all challenges. and PMs
  • /back: Reverses /away.
  • /timestamps [all|lobby|pms], [minutes|seconds|off]: all changes all timestamps, lobby only changes lobby preferences, and pms changes timestamps on PMs. Minutes is to display minutes, seconds is to display seconds, and off is to turn timestamps off.
  • /highlight [word], /highlight list, /highlight delete, [word], /highlight delete: Adds a word to highlight list, Shows highlight list, Deletes a word from highlight list, Deletes highlight list.
  • /tour join: Joins the current tournament.
  • /tour leave: Leaves tournament.
  • /auth: Displays global auth (+ and above).
  • /roomauth: Displays the auth in the room.
  • /inv, /invite [username], [room]: Invites user to join a room in PM.
  • spoiler: [message]: Produces a grayed out message area that requires users to hover over to see message.
  • /statcalc [level] [base stat] [IVs] [nature] [EVs] [modifier]: Calculates actual stat of a Pokemon.
  • /blockpms: Block all PMs.
  • /unblockpms: Undoes blockpms.
  • /blockchallenges: Blocks challenges
  • /unblockchallenges: Undoes blockchallenges.
  • /clear: Clears the chat log.
  • /me [message]: Displays yourself talking the in third person:
  • Mewderator is writing.

Broadcastable commands (+):

  • /data, /dt [item|pokemon|move]: Gives information on the item in question.
  • /dexsearch, /ds [criteria], [criteria], .... [all]: Criteria are: type, tier, color, moves, ability, gen, recovery, priority, stat. Finds Pokemon that fits criteria.
  • /randompokemon [number], [criteria]....: Gets number Pokemon from the dexseacrh list of the criteria.
  • /weak, /weakness [Pokemon]: Displays types that the Pokemon are weak to.
  • /movesearch [criteria], [criteria]...[all]: Criteria are type, category, flag, status inflicted, type boosted, and numeric range for base power, pp, and accuracy. Finds moves that fits criteria.
  • /itemsearch [keyword], [keyword]...:Searches item that matches keywords.
  • /groups: Explains the role of the + % @ & ~.
  • /faq: Displays the PS! FAQ.
  • /rules: Displays the rules of PS!.
  • /intro: Shows an intro to competitive.
  • /tiers: Displays Smogon tier information.
  • /othermetas: Displays information about the OM on Smogon,
  • /learn [pokemon], [move], [move]...: Displays if the Pokemon can learn said moves.
  • /analysis [pokemon]: Displays the smogon analysis of the Pokemon.
  • /cap: Shows information of Smogon's Create-A-Pokemon project.
  • /formatshelp [group|format]: Provides more information of a speicfic tiering group / format.
  • /calc: Provides a link to the PS! Damage calculator.
  • /help, /help [command]: Shows general help on commands, Gives a detailed description of the command.
  • /pr, /pickrandom [option], [option]....: Picks one out of a list of option.
  • /dice [number]: Picks a random number between the 1 and the given number.
  • /veekun [pokemon|item|move]: Links the veekun page for argument.
  • /opensource: Links PS!'s code repository.
  • /coverage [move1], [move2]....: Displays the type coverage effectiveness of moves.
  • /effectiveness [attack], [defender]: Displays the effectiveness of an attack on a Pokemon.
  • /details [pokemon]: Displays additional details about the Pokemon.

% / Room % Commands:

  • /k, /kick, /warn [username], [reason]: Warns the user based on the reason.
  • /m, /mute [username], [reason]: Mutes a user for given reason for 7 minutes.
  • /hourmute [username], [reason]: Mutes a user for an hour.
  • /unmute, /um [username]: Unmutes the user.
  • /alts [username]: Displays the alts for that user.
  • /forcerename, /fr [username], [reason]: Forces a user to change their name.
  • /modlog [room], [number]: Displays number amount of lines from the moderator logs in room.
  • /modnote [message]: Adds a moderator note that can be read through modlog.
  • /lock [username], [reason]: Locks a user and prevents them from chatting and PM'ing, except to the staff.
  • /unlock [username]: Unlocks a user.
  • /announce [message]: Announces the message in chat.
  • /redirect [username], [room]: Redirects a user to another room.
  • /roompromote [username]: Promotes a user to a room auth.
  • /roomunpromote [username]: Demotes a user from room auth.
  • /kickbattle [reason]: Kicks user from battle with reason.

@ Commands:

  • /tour create [format], [type]: Creates a format tournament in type mode.
  • /tour start/begin: Begins the tournament.
  • /tour end/stop/delete: Ends the tournament.
  • /tour dq [username]: Disqualifies a user from the tournament.
  • /tour settype [formate], [type]: Modifies a tournament.
  • /tour autodq/setautodq [time]: Dq's a user if they do not respond in time.
  • /tour getusers: Displays current people in tournament.
  • /ban, /b [username], [reason]: Bans a user and their IP.
  • /unban [username]: Unbans user.
  • /ip [username]: Displays IP of the username.
  • /modchat [rank|off]: Turns chat into a state were a certain rank can talk, or turn it off.

& Commands:

  • /declare [message]: Declares a message to the chat distinctly.
  • /forcetie: Forces a tie in a battle.
  • /forcewin [username]: Grants win to the user in battle.
  • /promote [username], [rank]: Promotes username to rank.
  • /demote [username], [rank]: Demotes username to rank.
  • /deauth [username]: Removes auth from user.
  • /banip [ip]: Bans an IP address.
  • /unbanall: Unbans all IP addresses.
  • /roomintro [html]: Sets the room intro of the lobby.
  • /driver [username]: Promotes user to Driver.
  • /mod [username]: Promotes user to Moderator.
  • /voice [username]: Promotes user to Voice.
  • /showimage [url], [width], [height]: Displays a picture that is width wide and height high.
  • /ipsearch [ip|range|host]: Searches for users with that range of IPs / IP, or host.
  • /host [ip]: Gets host for IP.

Room @ Commands:

  • /roomban, /rb [username], [reason]: Bans user from room.
  • /roomunban [username]: Unbans user from room.
  • /roomvoice [username]: Promotes a user to room voice.
  • /roomdevoice [username]: Removesroom voice from user.


- /roomdriver [username]: Promotes user to Room %.
- /roomdedriver [username]: Removes user from Room %.
- /roommod [username]: Promotes user to Room @.
- /roomdemod [username]: Removes user from Room @.
- /roomintro [html]: Sets room intro for room.
- /roomdeauth [username]: Removes auth from user.

Some ~ Commands (Learn these when you become admin :P)

  • /forcepromote [username], [rank]: Promotes username to rank, even when offline.
  • /leader [username]: Promotes user to Leader.
  • /admin [username]: Promotes user to Administrator.
  • /htmlbox [html]: Displays html.
  • /makechatroom [roomname]: Makes chatroom with roomname.
  • /dergisterchatroom [roomname]: Deletes a chatroom after a server restart.
  • /privateroom on/off: Makes a room private/unprivate.
  • /roomowner [username]: Promotes user to Room Owner.
  • /roomdeowner [username]: Removes Room Owner from user.
  • /globaldeclare [html]: Declares a message to every room on server.
  • /cdeclare [html]: Declares a message to all chatrooms on server.
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