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I'm just going to list all of the moves & abilities that Showdown! describes as having "No competitive use." I'm counting Z-Moves as separate moves.


Happy Hour
Hold Hands


Ball Fetch
Honey Gather
Run Away

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If you look at the question posted literally right before this one you will see Celebrate has a competitive use
"I'm counting Z-Moves as separate moves."
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Just about every move has a use. Even the most niche, usually useless moves have a use in specific cases. Things like Splash, Celebrate, Happy Hour, and Hold Hands, moves with no effect usually, can be powered up by Z-Crystals to be significantly good.

The closest you can get to a useless move is False Swipe and Hold Back, as they can never KO.

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Holding a normalium-z makes false swipe and hold back turn into breakneck blitz.
They still only have a base power of 40 and can't KO. Why not use a different normal type move that doesn't have any effects like that and has 40 or more base power? Any normal type move that has 40 or more base power and no negative side effects are automatically better than False Swipe and Hole Back, right?