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what is speed in Pokemon stats, and what does it do?


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Speed is a very important stat for any Pokémon.

Speed is how fast any Pokémon is. However the speed of a moving Pokémon's sprite slows down while its getting near fainting. Its a very important stat for any Pokémon.

Speed and Evasiveness are different.

Speed only determines which Pokémon will go first in a turn. Evasiveness is different. Evasiveness of your Pokémon depends how easy it is for the Pokémon to dodge moves.

Speed-modifying moves.

Increase Speed:

Acupressure (By chance)
Ancient Power (By chance)
Dragon Dance
Flame Charge
Gear Shift
Ominous Wind (By chance)
Quiver Dance
Rock Polish
Shell Smash
Silver Wind (By chance)

Decrease Speed:

Curse (Different for GHOST types)
Hammer Arm

Decrease opponent's speed:

Bubble (By chance)
Bubblebeam (By chance)
Constrict (By chance)
Cotton Spore
Icy Wind
Mud Shot
Rock Tomb
Scary Face
Secret Power (Real effect depends.)
Sticky Web
String Shot
Venom Drench

Items that modify speed.

Increase Speed:

Choice Scarf (Multiplies speed, but lets the user only use 1 move until called back.)
Quick Powder (Only works with Ditto.)
Salac Berry
Starf Berry (By chance. Can raise any stat at a time, its random though.)

Decrease Speed:

Iron Ball
Macho Brace
Power Anklet
Power Band
Power Belt
Power Bracer
Power Lens
Power Weight

Abilities that modify speed.

Increase Speed When Activated:

Motor Drive
Quick Feet
Speed Boost

Lower Speed When Activated:

Slow Start

That's a whole ton about speed!

There are also a few juices (available in only X/Y) at the Juice Shoppe.

Pink Juice (Raises speed EV. If speed EV is maxed, increases Happiness. Obtain by mixing 2 Pink berries.)
Perilous Soup (Removes all EVs. Obtain by mixing Kee Berry and Maranga Berry.)

Source 1 (Speed raising and lowering moves, abilities, items)

Source 2 (Speed EV modifying Juices and all other things about the Juice Shoppe)

EDIT: Quick Claw, Trick Room, Lagging Tail also modify Speed.

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A Pokémon's speed is exactly what it sounds like: it is how fast a Pokémon is.

Whichever Pokémon has the most speed, unless under conditions such as lagging tail, quick claw or trick room, will go first. If both Pokémon have equal Speed stat, it becomes a "Speed Tie", and the DS randomly generates a number that decides who goes first.

I hopw this was a simple enough explanation for you.

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A Pokemon's speed Is crit to it's peformance in battle. Say You gota slow Pokemon Like torkoal Then he/she may go last,Say you got a speedy Pokemon such as Speedy form deoxys Then you may go first and get the first move off.Hope I helped!