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I know that if a Pokemon's base happiness is 70, it will be 120 if it hatched from an egg. Is it the same if the Pokemon's base happiness isn't 70?


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It would still be 120, there's no exception for Pokemon who have a base friendship value higher or lower than 70.

"When a Pokémon is hatched from an Egg, its value is set to 120."

The friendship value of a Pokemon that hatches from an Egg is a set figure. The same can be said when trading Pokemon, as a traded Pokemon will have it's friendship value set to 70, regardless of the base friendship for its species. So for example if you trade a Blissey from one game to another, it's friendship value will be set to 70, instead of its base friendship value of 140.

"From Generation III onwards, a Pokémon's base friendship is the value to which its friendship is set when the Pokémon is caught or received from an event or NPC. A Pokémon hatched from an Egg has its friendship set to 120, while a Pokémon caught in a Friend Ball has its friendship set to 200. A Pokémon's friendship will also be set to 70 if it is traded, regardless of the base friendship for its species. N's Pokémon start with maximum friendship."

However there are two exceptions for a Pokemon to hatch from an Egg with a different friendship value than 120, these include:

  • Giving an Egg a spa treatment in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

  • "In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Eggs can be given a spa treatment at the Ribbon Syndicate building. This will cause the Egg to have an increased friendship upon hatching."

  • The Pokemon that hatches from the Egg inheriting a Friendship Ball from it's Mother, since it's in a Friendship Ball, I suspect it's base friendship value will be 200, instead of the usual 120.*

*Note: This I have not confirmed.

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Does the Luxury Ball have any effect on this? Just curious
So does that mean that Cleffa will have a higher happiness if caught in the wild than if hatched from an egg?
@Luna A Pokemon hatched from an egg can only be in a regular Poke ball.
Not true. If the mother is in a different ball, it will pass it down.
@Luna - Possibly, I'm not fully up to date on the mechanics with Luxury Balls though. Also, as I said in my answer, I haven't actually confirmed that a Pokemon that hatches from an Egg and that inherits a Friendship Ball from it's Mother, will have a base friendship value of 200, instead of 120, but it seems the most logical approach.

@sumwun - Yes, Cleffa's base friendship value is 140, so if you managed to catch one in the wild, in a Poke Ball other than a Friend Ball or Luxury Ball, it would have a friendship value of 140. While if you were to hatch a Cleffa from an Egg it would have a set friendship value of 120. Though I'm fairly certain Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are the only core games in which you can actually catch a Cleffa in the wild.

In all honesty I forgot all about the Luxury Ball, as I personally never use them.