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Does every time I user swords dance (stat modifiers) add to original stat or to stat modifier that previously raised ?


Does stat modifer (for example swords dance ) last until the battle ends or after single attack ?


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Question 1: Do damage modifiers go off of the original stat or a previous boost?

Answer: It goes off of the base stat. If I use Swords Dance on my Mega Heracross, then Swords Dance a second time, the second move will boost based on Hera's base Attack, not the Attack stat from the previous boost.

Question 2: Do stat boosts last until the end of the match, or until I attack?

Answer: Neither. A stat boost lasts until you switch out (or it's nullified by something like Snarl or Intimidate). If I have my Heracross, who's at +2, he will stay at +2 until he switches out.

your answer was very helpful , thank you