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Why is the new Shape for "Break" Cards in halves? Are they really going be like that?

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I assume it will he like the old Legend cards, which were split in two.

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I love this idea, it basically merges the Lv. X from the DP days of TCG and the LEGEND cards from HGSS. The Lv. X Pokemon would evolve into a much stronger version of themselves, where they would gain new attacks/Poke Powers/more HP/etc., the LEGEND cards was where you would just have to put two cards together to make a bigger card. Here's a pic of a Break card in full form so you can grasp the idea visually:
enter image description here
See how the Break card covers up the picture and adds a new attack, but the other two attacks remain? That's basically how it works. You get a stronger Pokemon with a new attack, more HP, and a gold picture. The card is in Japanese, but up top it does say "Chesnaught Break retains the attacks, abilities, weaknesses, resistances, and Retreat Cost of it's previous Evolution."