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I noticed that M-Lucario EX has a Psychic weakness? How is this possible?
And it is not just this Lucario, every single one except the one below has a Psychic weakness.

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Fighting and Steel types

If you look at the cards, the 1st is a FIGHTING type and so it has Psychic weakness.
The other Lucario's card is a steel type, meaning it resists to Psychic.
Also the 2nd card, you can see is weakness is fire, so it means the Lucario in the card is a steel-type.
In real game, Lucario has normal damage to psychic-moves and is weak to fire-moves.

Also if you check here (down the page), all Lucario cards are fighting-type and only 1 is steel-type.

Hope this helps.

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Ah! OK! I don't understand TCG very well !
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Because those Lucario are portrayed as only a Fighting Type.

According to Serebii's Cardex, the Lucario portrayed as Steel type are weak to Fire, and the Lucario portrayed as Fighting type are weak to Psychic.

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