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If I use Fake Tears onto my Contrary Malamar, will her SpD get boosted instead of lowered? Or does Contrary only activate when targeted by an opponent?

Kind of like how you can't use Growl on your partner to activate Defiant.

i did not understand.
Do you mean if your opponents pokemon  use fake tears to your malamar?
in double battle one of your pokemon use fake tear to your malamar?

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As a matter of fact, yes. It doesn't matter who inflicts the stat change, as long as Contrary is in effect and the boosts/drops weren't Baton Passed, they will get reversed.

Hope I helped!

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My Fake Tears Liepard + Contrary Malamar will dominate the Spooky Cup >:)
nah wont work
taunt will bloody ruin u
It might work... if Spooky Cup indeed disallows Fairy types
The only Fairies are Granbull and non-Mega Mawile. I'll just use Rage Powder Volcarona. And the Prankster Taunts will speed tie with Liepard at best… hence why I'll just Fake Out and then Superpower. Don't worry,  I have a plan.