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I'm trying to get a Charizard with a moveset containing Bulldoze, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, and Thunder Punch in Pokemon OR. What natures and characteristics would best compliment this moveset?

Is this going to be Mega Charizard? If so, I'd recommend X and give it a Naive nature.
Hasty nature imo
- Defense and + Speed
Or y'know you could just murder everything with Adamant.
Yeah, I'm going with Mega Charizard X.  I know two of the moves are special, the other two are physical so...mmmm. How about Jolly nature? I'm  also wandering about which characteristic I should go with.  Maybe "Likes to thrash about." (31 IV Attack)?

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In all honesty these moves don't really compliment Charizard too well, as you'd have to invest EVs in both Attack and Special Attack to turn it into a mixed sweeper and even then there's better Pokemon suited for such a role.

However, since you asked for a Nature and Characteristic, I'd recommend a Hasty Nature (+ Speed, - Defense), or a Naive Nature (+ Speed, - Special Defense). As for a Characteristic, since you running a mixed set you should aim to get a Charizard with 31 IVs in every stat. As long as you accomplish that then the Characteristic of the Pokemon doesn't matter... not that the Characteristic of a Pokemon evens matters in the first place. Characteristics aren't a reliable way to check the IVs of a Pokemon... you should instead use an IV Calculator or talk to the Stat Judge.

If you must run a mixed Charizard, then for the love of God give it Earthquake instead of Bulldoze, Fire Blast or even Flare Blitz could be an alternative to Flamethrower, and anoother move such as Roost for Recovery, could be a superior choice to Dragon Pulse or Thunder Punch.

Note: You don't have to follow any of my advice, but I would recommend it. In addition, I don't know what item you plan to give your Charizard or what you intend to use your Charizard for, be it a certain tier, competition or in game and as such I can't be of more help without the required information.

For other Charizard movesets, feel free to check out these two sites: Smogon | PokemonDB.

Thanks! I was just thinking of using this Charizard for in-game use. I thought of going with Bulldoze and Thunder Punch specifically as means to counteract Charizard's weaknesses (i.e. Rock & Electric and Water respectively). I mean I guess I could use Solar Beam to counteract the Water weakness, but it is a two-turn attack, and Steel  Wing for Rock weakness...wait...I could always have a Charizard with its HA Solar Power and swap between Charizardite X and Shell Bell, but...to be honest, I really don't like that hidden ability on a Charizard, so that leaves me with Blaze.  What I'll probably do is get a Charizard with it's regular ability Blaze, and then just rotate between having it hold both of its Mega Stones at a time, depending on the battles. If I do this, I'll include the Charizardite Y stone for it's Drought ability, using this and have it know Solar Beam so it'll take one turn instead of two. I just wish that Charizard's hidden ability was Drought instead of Solar Power, but we all can't have things the way we want it, right?

Also, would it be too much to ask as to how to use the IV calculator? Several of my hatched Charmanders already have all 6 31 IVs, including two pairs of male and female, one of which I'm currently breeding with.
Anyone else realize that he didn't know which item the Mega Charizard will be holding?

I find that funny.
It's because Mega Charizard has two possible items lol XD