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Does anyone know the chances of getting a moon stone when you ask a "base grunt" to pick up stones? Im asking this since I'm getting so many shiny and dawn stones but I need moon at the moment...

If you need a Moon Stone, just go to Meteor Falls.
Unless you already got that. Then ignore this completely.
You can play the Pokémon Global Link "Balloon Popping" game at rank 3 for a chance to win a Moon Stone, among other evolution-inducing items.
You can also get a high-leveled Pokemon with ability pickup. Which level gives the optimal chance of getting a moon stone can be looked up on Bulbapedia.

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This is the closest statistic I could find:

>Everstone is the most common result, appearing approximately 50% of the time. The elemental stones (Fire, Leaf, Thunder, and Water) are the next most common, followed by all of the remaining stones. ~Bulbapedia

I would estimate the chances being very low. As far as my research went I found no actual statistic anywhere, so I think this is the best probability and best info available right now.

Alternatively, you can get a Moon Stone from PGL, Pickup or in Meteor Falls.

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