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I was playing for old times Pokémon gold I have my Quilava, Sandslash, and Alakazam then I say... mmmh I need a third team member. I was deciding between Primeape and Heracross. I chose Heracross, but I don't know where the trees are where you find him. Where are these trees?

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Special Trees: Sudowoodo, the headbutt trees, and the berry trees.
But the Sudowoodo are referred to as strange trees .-.
Special trees are headbutting trees were different pokemon appear...i know what they are but no where they are...all i know is that heracross has 30% chance of appearing in this type of trees...and aipom is rarer because it has a 20% chance of appearing
I found one i was going to take a berry and i headbutted a tree for accident and heracross came out and its my strongest team member XD  well i want to know where are the other special trees so if you have that information please tell

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Heracross can be found in the mountain terrain routes: Routes 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46. Keep Headbutting around those areas until you find one, as Heracross is extremely rare.


I know in what route he can be spotted but I don't know where the SPECIAL trees are