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Special trees are small pointy trees that can be headbutted. They look the same as others, but may have different pokemon in them than other trees, such as heracross, so keep trying different trees in attempts to find a special one.

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There are only 2 headbuttable trees on route 33, yet I have yet to be able to determine which one is "special". also, the only pokemon who keep falling out are spearow and aipom, which this site's pokemon location list seem to think are only in gold/silver, even though I'm playing crystal. any ideas?
Honestly, I don'y know.  It's possible that the database has the data wrong.  answers.com said "go to azelea town pokemoncenter take a hard left stop beside SLOWPOKE WELL go up use headbutt on the small trees".  Maybe you should try there.  A lot of other sources have been saying Azalea town as well.
Argh, thanks for the insight
Hey I know this is a lil late but if you go behind Kirks house to the left there is a pile of wood stand on the right side of it and headbutt that tree when I did it a few spearow appeared then the heracross does
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the above of slowpoke well is true, try it for ur self then you'll see it will take a less tham 5 tries you'll see a Heracross

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