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Okay, so in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, some Pokemon will always (or always have a chance at) a certain Pokemon if you Headbutt the same tree, as said from Serebii. If you Headbutt some trees, and if they have no Pokemon come out, they will never have encounters with Pokemon!

They only have a few listed, which are pretty cool and helpful of course but the problem is l'm looking for a different Pokemon. I want to Headbutt a tree that only has encounters with Pineco. The problem is, l don't have a spot, nor does Serebii!
If anyone knows a spot that has Pineco, do share!

*If the Pokemon listed in Serebii are the only ones with trees that have absolute encounters, while the other trees are completely random, hide this question and don't mind it anymore than!


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There is a tree where I found my first one near the day care on route 14. Hope this helps!

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Do you think you can give directions to the exact tree? There's a ton of trees there.
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No, I found it myself. I didn't say it was ONLY Pineco.
OH srry i meant 34
Dras, that isn't really all that helpful because it is so vague by telling me soooooooo many places.
l wanted to know if anyone found a specific tree filled with Pineco!
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I found my first Pineco in National Park. Right at the back of National Park, next to that boy that's been running to charge his pokewalker, there's a gap in the fence. Go through there and headbutt the tree in front of you.

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Thats where you find CHERUBI.
Well I find Pineco every time