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I have seen some questions about arc.


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An arc is the curved part of a circle. In reference to a TV series, and arc is a storyline that spans several episodes, usually ranging from 3 to 10-ish. For example, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, examples of story arc include The Box Arc, The Citadel Arc, the Nightsisters Arc, and the Geonosis Arc. In short it's a mini-story that has a beginning and end, but is still part of a larger whole.

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thanks,you dint type the full name
Most arcs are way longer than 3-10 episodes -.-;. They cover large parts of various sagas.
lol im not the only Pokemon/Star wars lover!
@ Wavelength, I was using the Clone Wars analogy. Yes, most series do have much longer arcs.

@Mr. Pasta there is no full name. It's just arc.