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What Pokemon Cynthia has in the anime I want to know her full 6 Pokemon if possible I want to know the move too thanks ^_^


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  • Garchomp (Female)
    -Giga Impact
    -Dragon Rush
    -Brick Break
    -Dragon Claw
    -Stone Edge
    -Draco Meteor

  • Gastrodon (West)
    -Muddy Water
    -Stone Edge

  • Glaceon
    -Ice Beam

These are her known Pokemon in the anime.

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I recall one episode where she had a Rayquaza, pretty sure it was actually part of a dream of some sort...
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I'm pretty sure she has a Garchomp, Gastrodon, and Glaceon in the anime. hope this answers your question. :D

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Garchomp, Gastrodon and Glaceon are the Pokemon that Cynthia has in the anime

Garchomp is her main Pokemon.

Gastrodon first appeared in the episode double team turnover where it battled Saturn and Team Galactic Grunts. It also appeared in her battle with Aaron.

Glaceon has only ever been seen once in the anime so ver little is known about it.

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Cynthia has Garchomp, Gastrodon and Glaceon in the anime.

Garchomp's moves are Giga Impact, Dig, Dragon Rush, Brick Break, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor and Stone Edge.
Gastrodon's moves are Stone Edge and Muddy Water.
Glaceon's move is Ice Beam.