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I just watched an episode of Pokémon X and Y this morning, and it was an episode where Ash, Serena, Bonnie and Clement run into an abandoned mansion in the woods during a thunder storm (On their way to Cyllage city). The group gets locked inside by an Espurr, and so does Team Rocket. That's when I realized, Team Rocket has had several chances to steal their Pokémon, or wreak havoc , but they didn't! If Team Rocket tried, they could do a lot but in some episodes Team Rocket helps "The Twerps"!
Do Team Rocket have some sort of code to follow, or do they like Ash but obey Giovanni?

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They are sometimes FORCED to work with each other
Team rocket is just plain stupid. 'Nuff said
Jessey, James, and Meowth act the way they do purely for entertainment purposes and there is no meaning behind it. Their behaviour is tailored to be the most entertaining to the target audience. I severely doubt that this question can be answered as that's literally all there is to it (looking from a viewers point of view. Back story may be different.)
They're not providing entertainment, just proving to be a lot more annoying :P

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>Team rocket is just plain stupid. 'Nuff said
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Pretty much all there is to it to be realistic.
Also, Team Rocket was originally there (in my opinion) to give comedic relief to the audience. If you want to talk of the episodes in real sense, they were frightened by the Espurr. And because of that they valued their own lives a lot more than any Pikachu.

They sometimes work alongside the main characters plainly because they know (or think) that they cannot get out of the fix they are in on their own, and combine forces to have better chances. It's not all that complicated. Anyways Team Rocket does actually work some good deed (you see new mechas every other episode which they make from scrap surprisingly), but it's just the conceit that pushes them back.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks,I understood most of that already,But I was just curious!Thanks again!