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I have read numerous things about the topic and still find that there are contradicting statements. Can you pass down event moves? If so how? Don't they work similar to egg moves in some cases? Would ditto breeding work?

I have a Modest Follow Me Blastoise.

Is it possible to get a Careful Follow Me Blastoise?
A Careful + Fake Out and Follow Me Blastoise?
A Careful + Fake Out, Aqua Jet, and Follow Me Blastoise?
A Careful + 6IVs + Fake Out, Aqua Jet, and Follow Me Blastoise?

The only combination you can get is Fake Out + Aqua Jet because Follow Me is not an Egg Move.

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In answer to the example, no it's not possible to get any of them from the Modest Follow Me Blastoise that you have, since Follow Me cannot be passed down. (credits to Astro for pointing it out).

The rock-engraved fact remains that the only moves that can be passed down through breeding are Egg Moves. If a particular move is not present in the Egg Moveset of that particular Pokemon, it is not passed down.

For example: Serperior gets Hold Back via an event. However, the move is not one of Serperior's Egg Moves. In this case, no amount of breeding will pass down Hold Back.
If the said Event Move does happen to be in the Egg Moveset of a Pokemon, then like any other move, it is passed down.

Source: Experienced it before. Also, Event Moves and Tutor Moves are very similar in this regard.

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