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I have the Follow Me Squirtle, Quick Attack Charmander, Weather Ball Bulbasaur, Wish Kangaskhan, and so I was wondering if it would be legal for the VGC 2015 ladder?


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No, those specific Pokémon would not be allowed in the current meta.

Those Pokémon are all from previous generations, and all of those moves cannot be bred onto another Pokémon. Therfore, it is impossible to get a Follow Me Squirtle, Wish Kangaskhan, etc. with the blue pentagon. If you didn't know, only Pokémon with the blue pentagon maybe used in VGC '15.

Note that this does not mean that you can't use any event Pokémon in VGC. The special Endeavor Pikachu, from the Pikachu Cup, Snow Warning Aurorus, and Rock Head Tyrantrum are all VGC legal because it is possible to get them with the blue pentagon.

And no event Legendaries.

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Oh yeah I forgot about that stupid rule