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Well what I can tell you is I had a Ralts.
First, I trained my Ralts till it was level 6
Then, I gave it the Gardevorite
Soon, it evolved into a Gardevore
Finally, The Mega Stone Was GONE
Please help me.I lost it too.

Maybe it ate it
Gardevoir are natural Gardevoiriteivores. Didn't you know that?
What route did it evolve?
maybe someone else played the game and might have tossed it.
No one plays on my nintendo
In Wattson's gym

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Your Gardevoirite has to be somewhere, items can't just disappear like that. Which means that there are a few possibilities of where your Gardevoirite could be.

  • Try checking your Gardevoir again, your Gardevoirite might be on your Gardevoir and you just didn't realize that it was there.
  • If your Gardevoirite isn't on your Gardevoir, check the other Pokemon in your party, you might have accidentally given it to one of them.
  • Try the PC, you might have accidentally given your Gardevoirite to one of the Pokemon the the PC.
  • Check your bag, your Gardevoirite might be in there.
  • Your Gardevoirite could have been traded away, this could be done by a sibling being mean to you, or by accidentally putting a Pokemon holding your Gardevoirite up onto the GTS, either way, it could be extremely hard, if not, impossible to get it back.

Those are the only things that I can think of, if it isn't one of those, it's probably a glitch.
Hope this helps, and good luck finding your Gardevoirite!

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You said Gardevoirite nine times in that answer O.O
I didn't want to sound like a dumb guy and use "it" XD
It was in my bag ...
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You could have forgot to save the game after you received the Gardevoirite, or there could have been a glitch in the game in which the Gardevoirite glitched out. Another possibility is someone else may have played your game and accidentally threw out the mega stone.