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since the release of oras I don't use x and y anymore besides trying to get shinies and hidden abilities from friend safari.

pretty much nothing except replay it
Do a mono-Beedrill run like me.

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There's a few things that X&Y can offer:

  • Replayability. X&Y does have a decent storyline to follow. You can even play through the game through some kind of challenge, such as a Nuzlocke, mono type runthroughs, and maybe even a single Pokemon solo run.
  • Friend Safari. As stated before, you can easily get hidden abilities in X&Y that cannot be obtained in ORAS.
  • Pokedex completion: You cannot catch everything in ORAS alone; you will need to trade and transfer Pokemon from X&Y and previous generations.
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Buy Pokémon Bank, then transfer your Pokémon to OR/AS if you have it. If you don't have it then just store the Pokémon until you can get rid of them.
Also, if you don't want to pay the price, either Wonder Trade them, or just regular trade them, and you could also trade with a friend so they could give it back to you

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You don't need Pokebank to trade with OR/AS
@DarkMaster77 Pokebank lets you have to not have 'junks' or 'trade fodders' to get the pokemon in oras