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Before the announcement of Generation 6, so before Mega Evolution was a thing as well as the Fairy type, I believe a Dragon-Water type would have been the strongest combo, with basically no weaknesses and lots of resistance to other types, and that's why as far as I recall no Pokémon bears those types in the official games.

Now tho, with the Fairy type even that dual type would be spoiled, proving it unsuccessful.

So here is my question:
As of now, what would be a ultimate dual type?

Let be know DataBase!

Kingdra is Water-Dragon.
Ground/Water imo because the only thing that usually packs Grass attacks are Grass-types, making it easy to predict.
Palkia is Water-Dragon
Before gen 6,dragon-water type pokemon is  weak to dragon type.So water-dragon type pokemon had a weakness before gen 6.
yeah but you could counter that dragon type with your own water-dragon type.
I prefer to counter Dragon types with Water/Fairy types ;)

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There are no longer any types without any weaknesses as of generation 6, but there are a handful of dual types that still have only one weakness:

  • Ghost / Dark (has a x2 weakness to fairy)
  • Poison / Dark (has a x2 weakness to ground)
  • Water / Ground (has a x4 weakness to grass)
  • Bug / Steel (has a x4 weakness to fire)

There is another dual type with only one weakness: Normal / Ghost, its only weakness being dark type. Since normal-ghost also has 3 immunities being ghost, normal, and fighting type, I would say Normal-Ghost type Pokemon are the best dual typed Pokemon. The problem is there aren't any!

There is also a chart on this very site, giving the cumulative scores of the lowest scoring dual types down the left side of the page, the lower the better. The winner of this competition is Steel-Fairy, and closely followed by Steel-Flying, with a score of 13.25 and 13.50 respectively. (This is explained in more detail if you follow the link.) Both of these type have two x2 weaknesses, but they both have a lot more resistances. So I would say the ultimate dual type is Steel-Fairy, but your opinion may be different.

Hope I helped!

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how about eelektross with Air Balloon and Wonder Guard, Safeguard and Taunt?
The ultimate typing is Fairy/Steel because Klefki is a god.
the ultimate typing is fire/steel because it slays klefkies.
There's a difference between having the least weaknesses and having the best typing. Malamar is weak against Bug and Fairy, of which only Fairy is common (and both are predictable — nobody's going to give you a surprise HP Bug), but has zero resistance. Skarmory has two weaknesses but ten resistances, which gives it better typing than Malamar despite having equal weaknesses.
Thanks for the answer Frenzy!