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I can think of at least a couple based upon:

• Leveling up
• Stones
• Affection (usually happiness. Maybe even hate, correct me on this)
• Day and Night cycle
• Trade (like Kadabra and Machoke)
• Trade with an Item (like Scyther)

There's got to be some others for sure, after all I didn't play gen 4 and it's not like I have completed a Pokédex since R/B/Y, so I must have missed a few.
Help me out here guys!

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Here are the different types of evolution.

• Leveling up
• Leveling up at High happiness
• Day and Night cycle
• Trade (like Kadabra and Machoke)
• Trade with an Item (like Scyther)
•Leveling up at High happiness at certain time (evee in umbreion).
•Leveling up When the Pokémon knows a certain move.(aipom evolves when it learns double slap)
•Unique conditions (Sliggoo evolves into Goodra starting at level 50 if it is raining in the overworld,Inkay evolves into Malamar starting at level 30 while the Nintendo 3DS system is held upside-down and etc)
•Leveling up at certain times(Tyrunt evolves during the day at level 39)
• Trading for a certain Pokémon (Shelmet evolves when other person trades for Karablast and vice versa)
•Additional factors(Wurmple evolves at level 7 into Silcoon or Cascoon depending on its personality value)
•Evolution stones with specific gender.(Kirlia evolves into Galade when it is male and uses Dawn stone)
•Leveling up at certain location(Nosepass and Eevee)
•Leveling up when holding acertain item.(Sneasel)

Source 1:My brain
Source 2:Bulbapedia

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Note:I have not included every type of evolution because most of them used to evolve one or two pokemon but It comes under Unique conditions and Additional factors.If you want know what they all are you can go to source 2 but some of them i have included in the brackets.
Thanks for the answer Dave!