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Is there a set of Pokemon that would go from rock\ground to ground\water for example?


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OK here is a complete list:

Onix (Ground-Rock) - Steelix (Ground-Steel)
Scyther (Bug-Flying) - Scizor (Bug-Steel)
Pupitar (Ground-Rock) - Tyranitar (Dark-Rock)
Surskit (Bug-Water) - Masquerain (Bug-Flying)
Nincada (Bug-Ground) - Ninjask (Bug-Flying) and/or Shedinja (Bug-Ghost)
Swablu (Flying-Normal) - Altaria (Dragon-Flying)
Skorupi (Bug-Posion) - Drapion (Poison-Dark)
Rotom (Ghost-Electric) - Rotom Heat/Frost/Wash/Mow/Fan (Electric-Fire/Ice/Water/Grass/Flying)
Meloetta Aria form (Psychic-Normal) - Meloetta Pirouette form (Fighting-Normal)

Those last two are form changes but the forms have different stats and duel types from the original. As you can see none lose both duel types they only change 1 type. I hope I helped.

P.S. I put the list in Numerical order.

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